Guest Speaker
LaChita Calloway

Magnificat welcomes

LaChita Calloway

 Verse: "...with God, nothing will be impossible!" Luke 1:37

     Our first Magnificat speaker of 2018 is special guest, LaChita Calloway who is being called a modern-day St. Monica. Her son, Fr. Donald Calloway, M.I.C. and former Magnificat speaker, experienced a radical conversion from a wayward life similar to St. Augustine. LaChita’s testimony of her own path from tears to faith and joy in God’s mercy is great comfort to all who have troubled children or families in distress and proof of the power of the rosary.

     LaChita was born in Warren, Ohio with two brothers and sisters into a difficult family environment. Though her parents did not practice any faith, one of her early fond memories was attending Catholic church with her Italian grandmother. She married at 18 and gave birth to her first son, Donnie. She suffered two difficult marriages, struggled to support her family, joined the Navy where she met her husband of 36 years, Don Calloway who adopted Donnie. LaChita and Don welcomed son, Mathew. As Donnie became a teen, he grew dangerously rebellious getting into trouble with the law, drug trafficking for the Japanese mafia while overseas, and was in and out of drug rehabilitation. When friends invited LaChita to attend Mass on the Navy base, she knew she was home when she stepped into the church. Her own conversion, and eventually the entire family’s, is LaChita’s great message of Divine Mercy waiting for us all, no matter how hopeless the circumstances.

     LaChita Calloway is truly a prayerful and persevering “Champion of The Rosary”, her Spiritual Weapon. Come and hear how this devoted wife, mother of two sons, a former licensed realtor, and Navy veteran shares how all prayers are answered in wonderfully, unexpected ways. Bring a friend!

As of February 28, 2018


Due to the high interest in our special guest, La Chita Calloway, all spaces at our March prayer meal have been taken.  The Odyssey is at capacity and we are unable to take any further reservations. 

Thank you for your interest. We shall keep you in our prayers.  Please join us at our next Magnificat Prayer Meal on July 28, 2018 with special guest speaker Deacon William Betancourt.


Odyssey Restaurant
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Due to the prayerful nature of our gathering, please refrain from bringing children under the age of 12

Magnificat is a  ministry to Catholic women.  Its purpose is to help Catholic women open more fully to the Holy Spirit through a deeper commitment of their lives to Jesus as Lord, and to impart the Holy Spirit to one another through their love, service, and sharing the good news of salvation.  It thus provides opportunities which will foster a desire to grow in holiness.

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Guest Speaker
LaChita Calloway

Modern “St. Monica”

Mother of Fr. Don Calloway

Known as the “surfer priest”

On God’s Mercy for families in distress

 March 10, 2018


Our Lady Queen of Angels

West San Fernando Valley, California Chapter