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We serve the entire Archdiocese of Los Angeles and take the name "Our Lady, Queen of Angels"

is a  ministry to Catholic women.  Its purpose is to help Catholic women open more and more to the Holy Spirit through a deeper commitment of their lives to Jesus as Lord and to impart the Holy Spirit to one another through their love, service, and sharing the good news of salvation.  It thus provides opportunities which will foster a desire to grow in holiness.


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Fr. Bob Garon, Spiritual Advisor
St. Didacus, Sylmar, CA

Prayer Brunch -  Saturday, July 19, 2014
The Odyssey Restaurant
10AM - 1PM

Sharon Lee Giganti
Catholic Convert from New Age Philosophy
San Diego, California

EWTN and Conference speaker

Catholic Convert from the New Age “Law of Attraction” comes back to Christ’s  law of love and truth.

“He sends forth His Word, and heals them.  And rescues them from the pit and destruction.”      Psalm 107:20

Former New Age “insider”, Sharon Lee Giganti, is committed to  exposing the hidden dangers of the New Age Movement and its widely spreading, erring philosophies.  She knows of these personally, as she was formerly a devotee of the channeled spirit-guide known as “Abraham”, a firm believer in the “Law of Attraction” philosophy and also, both a student and teacher of the occult and counter-Christian work known as: “A Course in Miracles”; a book often described as, “The New Age Bible”.

After suspecting that her New Age influence and teaching might have  unwittingly played a part in several horrific tragedies, Sharon finally realized how life threatening their occult methods could be, and returned to the Catholic Church. 

In 2003, as a frequent guest on Catholic radio with such well respected hosts as Jeff Cavins and Teresa Tomeo, Sharon began warning others of the dangers of counter-Christian secular influence and false New Age doctrine. Since then, Sharon has been a guest speaker for many Church events across the country, including The Midwest Catholic Family Conference, Legatus, and  several chapters of the international “Magnificat” organization for Catholic  Women.  Recently, she was also pleased to appear as a guest on Johnnette Benkovic’s EWTN television show,
“Women of Grace.”

Now a nationally recognized speaker, a professed member of The Holy Family Institute, and a regular guest on Catholic Answers Live Radio for the past six years with a show entitled, “The New Age Deception”, Sharon’s powerful message is heard world-wide via their global broadcast through EWTN.  Her website, www.NewAgeDeception.com has been recommended in popular Catholic books such as, How to Wolf-Proof Your Kids,by Gary G. Michuta, and Al Kresta’s Dangers to the Faith.

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The Odyssey Restaurant
15600 Odyssey Dr.
Granada Hills, CA

Donation:  $26 per person

After  July 7: $30.00  

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: Magnificat Ministry,

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